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A simple program to serve redirects to your projects on sr.ht. Compatible with go get clients and godoc.org


sudo make install


$ sourcehut-vanity -u blowry -p

Replace my username with yours, and enter an alternative address to bind to if desired. Redirects will be served like this:

localhost:8080/sourcehut-vanity redirects to https://git.sr.ht/~blowry/sourcehut-vanity

localhost:8080/sourcehut-vanity/README.md redirects to https://git.sr.ht/~blowry/sourcehut-vanity/tree/master/README.md

localhost:8080/sourcehut-vanity?go-get=1 returns an HTML page with meta tags so go get can find the correct repository

There's no HTTPS support, so I'd recommend putting this in front of a reverse proxy like nginx. A sample systemd service file is included in the repository as well.