file/MAINT -rw-r--r-- 1.5 KiB
388e73bc — Christos Zoulas 13 years ago
update the build system per rrt@
362ad2c0 — Christos Zoulas 14 years ago
changed to use CVS LOCALID, so no need to mention stuff about version changes.
189a3425 — Christos Zoulas 14 years ago
Use File id.
9f124c1d — Ian Darwin 15 years ago
Add code outline, ok Christos
811e7eaf — Christos Zoulas 15 years ago
Bring things closer to today's reality.
227a44ae — Christos Zoulas 18 years ago
update with new lib config
d6e3298e — Christos Zoulas 21 years ago
remove mark moraes
c6664d5a — Christos Zoulas 23 years ago
b5e9d75b — Christos Zoulas 28 years ago
*** empty log message ***
51f4745d — Ian Darwin 29 years ago
Initial revision