ref: 5c31bf8cbfd65156c70384833cbb92872c79af9e file/magic/Magdir/games -rw-r--r-- 12.8 KiB
remove header byte detection for Civ 6

Apparently the magic bytes in Civ 6 save headers change with game
updates. I don't have time to constantly fix those, so let's just
remove the save type detection and fall back to the "CIV6" at the start
of the file.
7615720c — Christos Zoulas 1 year, 7 months ago
Add support for Civilization V_VI save files (Benjamin Lowry)
9bcccebf — Christos Zoulas 1 year, 10 months ago
Add Empire Deluxe Saved games
31a82018 — Christos Zoulas 2 years ago
use https where supported (Daniel Kahn Gillmor)
9bb2ee74 — Christos Zoulas 3 years ago
fix magic detection that uses "PACK" magic (acorn, git pack, quake)
(Joerg Jenderek)
f727a39a — Christos Zoulas 4 years ago
remove trailing whitespace
07bdb1e0 — Christos Zoulas 7 years ago
Kill %h %hh and %l modifiers for bytes, shorts, and longs respectively.
Use nothing, for all types except quads which need %ll
155ee1c3 — Christos Zoulas 9 years ago
add unreal games signature
4a10b73e — Christos Zoulas 10 years ago
magic text fixes from jan kaluza
97f92787 — Reuben Thomas 11 years ago
Apply Debian new magic patches from Debian package version 5.04-6.
e2c85204 — Christos Zoulas 11 years ago
remove duplicate entry.
cc29c4b7 — Christos Zoulas 11 years ago
added, thanks!
4a495b61 — Christos Zoulas 12 years ago
add rcsids
ecf2529a — Christos Zoulas 13 years ago
more patches from abel cheung
aa04735e — Christos Zoulas 13 years ago
bring them back so that we don't lose history and mess up other repositories.
373a9d57 — Reuben Thomas 13 years ago
Use fragments directly, don't cat them into a big file.

Rename Magdir to magic for historical compatibility (magic.mgc still
083dc40a — Reuben Thomas 13 years ago
Fix from Jon Dowland (Debian bug #359301) to Doom magic.
0e66daea — Christos Zoulas 17 years ago
More magic
53c48160 — Christos Zoulas 17 years ago
Debian changes.
48c725e9 — Christos Zoulas 18 years ago
lots more magic