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$Id: MAINT,v 1.6 2006/05/03 18:48:33 christos Exp $
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Maintenance notes:

@@ 28,8 28,28 @@ you need to make changes, please add a patch file next to the
distribution tar, and a README file that clearly explains what you
are trying to fix.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

Code Overview

This is a rough idea of the control flow from the main program:

file.c	main()
file.c	process (called for each file)
		printf file name
magic.c		magic_file()
fsmagic.c		file_fsmagic()
				(handles statbuf modes for DEV)
			(handles statbuf modes for executable &c.
			reads data from file.
funcs.c:		file_buffer()
compress.c			file_zmagic()
is_tar.c			file_is_tar()
softmagic.c			file_softmagic()
						match() - looks for match against main magic database
ascmagic.c			file_ascmagic()
readelf.c		file_tryelf()

Christos Zoulas