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Maintenance notes:

I am continuing to maintain the file command. I welcome your help,
but to make my life easier I'd like to request the following:

- Don't change the version numbers!

If your changes are extensive, I will have to work hard to 
integrate them into my version.  If you check it into SCCS locally,
the version numbers will likely be kept. IF you check it into RCS
or CVS locally, please use -k to keep the version numbers, and
please use branch deltas (1.21.1, 1.21.2, ...).  If you don't do
this, I will likely be unable to use your changes; life's just too

- Do not distribute changed versions.

People trying to be helpful occasionally put up their hacked versions
of the file command for FTP, then the "archie" server finds and publishes
the hacked version, and people all over the world get copies of it.
Within a day or two I am getting email from around the world
asking me why "my" file command won't compile!!! Needless to say this
detracts from the limited time I have available to work on the actual
software.  Therefore I ask you again to please NOT distribute
your changed version.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation.

Ian Darwin.