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Go Reference

Command ping_exporter provides a Prometheus exporter for ping metrics such as RTT, packet loss, and jitter to any number of hosts.


Available flags for ping_exporter include:

$ ./ping_exporter -h
Usage of ./ping_exporter:
    -metrics.addr string
        address for ping exporter (default ":9165")
    -metrics.path string
        URL path for surfacing collected metrics (default "/metrics")
    -ping.host value
        host to ping, can be repeated (-ping.host= -ping.host=google.com ...)

$ ./ping_exporter -ping.host= -ping.host=apple.com -ping.host=google.com
2021/10/23 15:21:21 starting ping exporter on ":9137"

The following metrics will be exported:

# HELP ping_jitter RTT jitter.
# TYPE ping_jitter gauge
ping_jitter{host=""} 3
ping_jitter{host="apple.com"} 2
ping_jitter{host="google.com"} 2
# HELP ping_packet_loss Percentage of packet loss.
# TYPE ping_packet_loss gauge
ping_packet_loss{host=""} 0
ping_packet_loss{host="apple.com"} 0
ping_packet_loss{host="google.com"} 0
# HELP ping_packets_recv Number of packets received.
# TYPE ping_packets_recv counter
ping_packets_recv{host=""} 65
ping_packets_recv{host="apple.com"} 65
ping_packets_recv{host="google.com"} 65
# HELP ping_packets_sent Number of packets sent.
# TYPE ping_packets_sent counter
ping_packets_sent{host=""} 65
ping_packets_sent{host="apple.com"} 65
ping_packets_sent{host="google.com"} 65
# HELP ping_rtt Running average of the RTT.
# TYPE ping_rtt gauge
ping_rtt{host=""} 27
ping_rtt{host="apple.com"} 25
ping_rtt{host="google.com"} 28