clrfmt lets you use colorized outputs in terms of ANSI Escape Codes in Hare that has the same API as fmt
f1db20c5 — Carlos Une 3 months ago
printfln,errorfln: call fprintfln instead of fprintf
1ec895fd — Carlos Une 3 months ago
Update for current Hare
f8bd63f1 — iamthenoname 1 year, 2 months ago
Implement NO_COLOR detection


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This package provides ANSI Escape Codes support for Hare. This was inspired by fatih/color for Go.

This works well with Hare's fmt and log modules. There is also logfmt which ties in nicely with log if you wanted colored structured logging.


#From your distribution

The recommended name for this package is "hare-clrfmt". Look for this, or something similar, in your local package manager. This is the preferred way to install this package.

#System-wide installation

make install


git subtree -P vendor/hare-clrfmt/ add https://git.sr.ht/~blainsmith/hare-clrfmt main