099c570f — Simon Zeni 6 months ago master
display: disable cube layer
537278fe — Simon Zeni 6 months ago
display: initialize XrViewConfigurationView array
meson: add missing tracy dep to wxrc
README: improve content and update video
hand-tracking: fix finger touch intersection detection
controller: add time_msec to wlr_pointer_button_event
.builds: use wlroots from repo
meson: hijack wlroots logger
subprojects: remove vendored subprojects from installing
meson: improve build
example/cube: fix input
wxrc/config: add hand-tracking option
wxrc/server: remove duplicate log in wxrc_server_run
wxrc/input: improve input init, fix bug and more verbose output
wxrc/xrutil: add wxrc_xr_has_hand_tracking function
meson: move example deps into example meson file
example/xr-buffer: dont init allocator in main_device event handler
example/cube: fix framerate
.builds/archlinux: bump cglm dep
wxrc/openxr: print compositor FPS