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wxrc is a Wayland OpenXR compositor based on wlroots. It displays 2D and 3D surfaces 1 in a 3D virtual reality scene.

wxrc requires an OpenXR runtime running with the appropriate head mounted display (HMD) hardware.

Join us on IRC (#wxrc on irc.libera.chat) or contact us on our mailing list at ~bl4ckb0ne/wxrc@lists.sr.ht



#How to run

wxrc requires an OpenXR runtime provider to run, only Monado is supported for the moment. SteamVR is missing all of the extensions required by wxrc.

For wxrc to know where the OpenXR runtime is located, the user needs to set the environment variable XR_RUNTIME_JSON to the runtime location

export XR_RUNTIME_JSON=/home/user/src/monado/build/openxr_monado-dev.json

wxrc also requires a configuration file. The configuration file should be located at the path ~/.config/wxrc/config, or provided using the -c runtime option. A sample is provided here 2.

Once the compositor has started, the default fallback input device will be the Wayland pointer. The user can use controller binding BTN_TRIGGER + BTN_LEFT on a given controller for it to become the primary pointer source. The same binding can be used on the primary controller to exit input.

#Compiling from source

Run these commands to compile

meson setup build
ninja -C build/



You can look at our ticket tracker to find issues or features that require work and send your patch to mailing list at ~bl4ckb0ne/wxrc@lists.sr.ht using the tag [PATCH] in your mail.