Handles setting up access to SQLite database files from ColdFusion
clarifying requirements -- not tested outside of Adobe ColdFusion
fixing version number in docs
GetDSN() -- filename is not optional



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#cfsqlite version 1.0.1

Handles setting up access to SQLite database files as Data Sources in ColdFusion, and provides convenience functions for clearing and creating empty databases and also a rudimentary mapping of database rows to ColdFusion objects.


cfsqlite.cfc can be called at the start of each request (in the onRequestStart() Application event) to map a database filename to a ColdFusion Data Source Name, for example:

<cfset Request.dsn =
    CreateObject("component", "MYAPP.lib.cfsqlite").Init(this.name)
    .GetDSN( ExpandPath("../database/DATABASE_NAME.db") )>

and that's all you have to do. Now you can use #Request.dsn# as your datasource in any cfquery call anywhere in your application. If the folder and passed into GetDSN() don't exist, they will be created.

cfsqliteschema.cfc provides some convenience functions related to SQLite:

  • Creating tables and deleting all database objects -- so you don't have to distribute an empty database binary file as part of your application, and you can keep your database design in version controlled ColdFusion code.

cfsqliterecord.cfc is a rudimentary mapping of a SQLite database row to a ColdFusion object with Load() and Save() methods.


To use cfsqlite in your application:

  1. Copy src/cfsqlite.cfc into your application's ext or lib folder, or wherever you store external libraries. Do the same for src/cfsqliteschema.cfc and src/cfsqliterecord.cfc if you plan to use them.

  2. Copy ext/sqlitejdbc-v056.jar to the lib/ext folder under your ColdFusion installation's JRE. If you're not sure where that is, just skip this step for now and the first time you try to use cfsqlite, it will tell you the appropriate folder to copy the JAR file to.

To run the demo/test/documentation web site included in the cfsqlite distribution:

  1. Check out the entire source tree or download the .zip archive and extract to $CFSQLITE_HOME on your web server.

  2. Create a mapping/alias/virtual directory in your web server that maps /cfsqlite to $CFSQLITE_HOME/web/html. The exact name of the mapping is not important. See your web server's documentation for details on how create a mapping if you don't know how.

  3. Point your browser to the URL of the mapping you just created.


ColdFusion 8

(Sorry, not tested with other ColdFusion engines. Please inform me of any issues with them and we'll see what we can do.)


Version 1.0.1 -- oops! more documentation fixes.

Version 1.0 -- added cfsqliteschema.cfc and cfsqliterecord.cfc; added automatic creation of empty database; cleaned up documentation; announced on Freshmeat.

Version 0.11 -- embedded documentation into component source code and cleaned up some bad URLs.

Version 0.10 -- initial release.


cfsqlite web site


SQLite web site; syntax documentation.

sqlitejdbc JDBC driver for Java.


Brendan Kidwell <brendan@glump.net>.

Please drop me a line if you find cfsqlite useful (or if you have anything else to say). If you find a bug, please file it in the issue tracker.