New York City


Brendan Kidwell, full time software developer. Working on FOSS and stuff in my spare time.


DokuWiki plugin: In the Edit screen: makes numeric accesskeys work.


RSS-Bridge bridge plugin: merges results from "Youtube" bridge and "YouTubeCommunityTab" bridge.


Backup Dreamhost accounts using Restic


Proof of concept demo of serving HTMX pages from inside a Service Worker using TypeScript in the Service Worker


While Outlook for the Web is unfocused, display count of newly arrived messages in titlebar. Reset count to 0 when window is focused.


Fork of Joplin that allows multiple windows and displays profile name in titlebar


Handles setting up access to SQLite database files from ColdFusion


Run Amazon Workspaces Client in Docker under Linux


Fork of github.com/thelounge/thelounge . Will post an Issue there Aug 2022 some time.


Indexes a local copy of "Pwned Passwords" database and checks candidate passwords against the index


Configure your PHP projects with TOML, cached as PHP code with auto-complete metadata.


Quickly load YouTube videos in an IFRAME embed, without all the slow-loading YouTube UI junk


List Windows File Sharing shares and reconnect bookmarks.


Zim notebook about getting work done in Zim

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