Use exec in command wrapper scripts
Disable message when saving files in Emacs
Revert switch of '5' variant in Iosevka
Updated font Iosevka to 27.3.3
Upgrade font Iosevka to 27.3.1
Updated Emacs packages
Updated font Iosevka
Update Emacs packages
Update font Iosevka to 27.0.1
Updated font Iosevka to 26.3.3
Updated font Iosevka to 26.3.2
Revert "Switch to slab serif version of Iosevka font"

This reverts commit 0d20640f38ce6327daf3d569014d92ce24610533.
Switch to slab serif version of Iosevka font
Updated font Iosevka
Update font Iosevka to 26.2.1
Corrected Perl use-package

Adding to major-mode-remap-alist in :config would make that load only after the
first time using perl-mode.
Change shape of Iosevka f character
Updated font Iosevka to 26.0.2

Also adjusted styles a a bit, using some features in the new version.
Remove Emacs packages nov/esxml
Remove loading of Emacs package transient from configuration.org