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updates from blackburn adding telegram support
M README.md => README.md +2 -0
@@ 74,6 74,8 @@ paginate = 10
  # (relative to /static folder)
  custom_css = ["css/my.css"]
  custom_js = ["js/my.js"]
  # mainSections sets what types of content will appear on the front page
  mainSections = ["post","review"]

    siteid = 2

M exampleSite/config.toml => exampleSite/config.toml +4 -2
@@ 15,12 15,14 @@ paginate = 10
  # Shown in the home page
  subtitle = "A Hugo Theme"
  brand = "Blackburn"
  googleAnalytics = "Your Google Analytics tracking ID"
  disqus = "Your Disqus shortname"
  #googleAnalytics = "Your Google Analytics tracking ID"
  #disqus = "Your Disqus shortname"
  # CSS name for highlight.js
  highlightjs = "androidstudio"
  dateFormat = "02 Jan 2006, 15:04"
  mainSections = ["post","review"]
  #telegram.siteid = "your telegram site id"
  #telegram.limit  = "your telegram limit"

  # Shown in the side menu.

M exampleSite/content/privacy.md => exampleSite/content/privacy.md +2 -6
@@ 2,11 2,7 @@
title: "Privacy Policy"
date: "2019-01-17"
sidemenu: true
description: "About the data we don't collect"
description: "About the data we collect"

This site does not use analytics or store personally identifiable information for any kind of marketing or business use. The web server does track IP addresses for identifying hostile activity and banning traffic from those addresses. This is a completely automated process using the software fail2ban and the data is never used for any other purpose than security.

This site is a purely personal hobby site. The opinion expressed are my own, they have nothing to do with my employer or any other group I'm affiliated with and so I have no reason or desire to collect or store personal data from any visitor other than what is mentioned above for security.

I do embed content from other platforms at times, I can't control what they may collect and/or track.
\ No newline at end of file
Depending on your legal situation - your location, audience, etc. It may be necessary to have a privacy policy available for your visitors, you can put it here. If you don't have/need a privacy policy you can just remove the link to this from your config.toml file and remove this file.
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A layouts/partials/telegram.html => layouts/partials/telegram.html +5 -0
@@ 0,0 1,5 @@
{{ if or (.Site.Params.Telegram.siteID) (.Site.Params.Telegram.limit) }}
<!-- Telegram DiscussBot -->
<div id="telegram_thread"></div>
<script async src="https://comments.app/js/widget.js?2" data-comments-app-website='{{ .Site.Params.Telegram.siteID }}' data-limit='{{ .Site.Params.Telegram.limit }}'></script>
{{ end }}
\ No newline at end of file

M layouts/post/single.html => layouts/post/single.html +2 -0
@@ 18,6 18,8 @@

  {{ partial "disqus.html" . }}

  {{ partial "telegram.html" . }}


{{ partial "footer.html" . }}