Library and tool for IMAP to maildir synchronization
chore(version): v0.10.0 
feat: add option to disable TLS
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


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Vomit-sync is a Rust library for IMAP to maildir synchronization. If you just want something to do this, you are looking for vsync, a thin application wrapper around vomit-sync. It lives in the cli/ folder of this repo and also has a README.

#Goals and status

The goal is to provide full two-way synchronization between an IMAP server and a local maildir, either by running periodically, or as a deamon.

Syncing in either direction or both ways (assuming no conflicts) is implemented, but currently only by running periodically.


If you want to build yourself rather than cargo install, you can build the library with cargo build and the vsync tool with cargo build -p vsync.

#The Vomit project

Both vomit-sync and vsync are part of the Vomit project.


Please send patches to the vomit mailing list.


The mailing list is open for all kinds of feedback, questions, and discussions.