Fix setup() call for "custom" format
Update man page for file mode recording feature
Allow recording and applying of file modes

File modes are very relevant for files and templates, as the original
file's (or template's) mode will get applied on the image as well.
However, git does not support file modes (other than executable). To
still allow recording the desired modes in the git repo, support
creating a file `.makeimg.modes` with `makeimg -M`, which keeps a record
of all modes for files and templates. The recorded modes can be applied
to the local checkout with `makeimg -m`.
Support symlinks in files

It is now possible to put symlinks into the files/ directory and have
them copied onto the image, preserving the link target.

Some special handling was added for resolv.conf handling when chrooting,
to also make it possible to have /etc/resolv.conf be a symlink (which is
often used with e.g. systemd-resolved) without it being overwritten.
Adapt to changes in latest apk-tools

The --repositories-file argument is now required to be a relative path.
Also, the quoting no longer worked right, but this should be fine for
this case.
Update Makefile and README after move to scdoc
Convert man pages to scdoc

Some minor improvements along the way.
Fix argument handling for tar and dir setup
Update the example READMEs
README: add pointer to documentation
Update README and man pages
Move examples into subfolder
Update the examples
Remove inline apk config, better hostconf handling

Even though it's not quite comparable, attempt to align the hostconf
handling for Arch and Alpine. Remove the inline keys and repositories
fallback, this was mostly to get started more easily.
Remove obsolete, commented out code
Silence umount failures that are being retried
Drop bashism in template rendering

Also add support for doas instead of sudo.
Remove usage of gettext

This was copy-pasted in from the makepkg library.
Generate inventory for Alpine images

The output is a bit verbose and unsorted, but it certainly does the job
for now...
Stop using systemd-nspawn

This should enable using this tool on non-systemd systems.