net::tftp for Hare, with sample client
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This packages provides net::tftp for TFTP support.


Currently, all primitives defined in RFC 1350 (TFTP protocol, revision 2) are supported, except for netascii encoding.

A sample client is provided that can successfully read a file from or write a file to a remote server (requires hare-ev).

Support for additional RFCs might be added in the future: RFC 1782, RFC 1783, RFC 1784, RFC 1785, RFC 2347, RFC 2348, RFC 2349.

#Client usage

./client: non-interactive TFTP client

Usage: ./client [-h]
	 [-m <mode>]
	 [-p <port>]
	 [-r <filename>]
	 [-s <server>]
	 [-w <filename>]

-h: print this help text
-m <mode>: transfer mode (octet or netascii, default: octet)
-p <port>: server port (default: 69)
-r <filename>: read file from server
-s <server>: server name or address
-w <filename>: write file to server

Either -r or -w must be specified. If file is provided, it is used as input when writing or as output when reading. If not provided, input defaults to stdin and output to stdout.


Patches, feedback, or questions can be directed to my public inbox: ~bitfehler/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht