Display a very simple OSD calendar
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#bfcal - quickly display a calendar

Really, that's all there is: displays a calendar. Not your calendar. There is no events or meetings. I really just like looking at a calendar sometimes. It's essentially the graphical equivalent of the cal command. Bind it to a keyboard shortcut in your favorite desktop environment. That's an order.


It's packed with features!

  • OSD-style display window shows on top of all your other windows immediately
  • Mouse navigation busy scratching your chin with one hand and don't want to stop? Use the mouse to switch month/year.
  • Arrow key navigation left: previous month, right: next month, up: previous year, down: next year, ESC to quit
  • Vim style key navigation like arrow keys, but use h, l, k, j instead, q to quit
  • Weird other keybord navigation that comes with this by default
  • You're still reading? Not enough features? C'mon, it's a calendar!


meson ./build --buildtype=release && ninja -C ./build

Requires Qt.


None. No config file. No command line arguments.


Feel free to send comments, questions, or patches to my public inbox.