Update to upstream 20240520-1
Update to upstream 20240429-1
Update checksums
Update to upstream 20240313-1
Package keyring files instead of "building"

Unfortunately, building requires a very recent version of `sq`. Alpine
still packages an older version, and packaging sq is fairly difficult.
So resort to simply providing the files for now...
Update to upstream version 20240208
build.yml: add curl to list of packages
Update to upstream release 20231222-1
Update keyring to 20231017
Update keyring to 20231011
Build in one go

It's noarch and built on edge anyways, so...
Update keyring to 20230918
Add build for 3.18
Set up SSH known hosts
Build on Alpine edge

Required for sequoia-sq and not an issue as this is a noarch pkg (it's
just a collection of keys).