test: kvm setup requires setting permissions
Add missing package for tests
test: remove obsolete make target
Set time zone to UTC
Switch root password to "anemos"
Run all tests after new build
Add tests

This adds test projects (Alpine, Arch, and Debian) that can be deployed
to a VM image with just-generated kernel and initramfs.

They are not run automatically just yet, but could potentially serve as
integration tests for new initramfs before uploading.
Add debootstrap

So that Anemos can build Debian-based images.
Use dropbear instead of openssh
Some truncation needed after all

As this is now using .md instead of .txt, this overwrites (or, needs to
overwrite) the existing repo README.md
Fix accidental README truncation
Add link to source git commit to README
Fix package name

On Alpine, it's just called cmark.
Use a markdown README instead of plain text
Celebrate the joys of shell quoting/escaping...
Improve directory listing and README formatting
Generate pretty directory index
Start releasing firmware archives

The anemos CLI tool will need to gain support, but this will make it
easier to use anemos on bare metal servers.
Add dosfstools and efibootmgr

Might be useful tools when dealing with UEFI systems.
Experimental support for collecting inventory data

Start parsing the config file (for now, if present - this will become
standard, though) and collect and post inventory data if
ANEMOS_INVENTORY_URL is set. One additional HTTP header can be set via
ANEMOS_INVENTORY_HEADER, this is likely needed for authentication.