57ef1983 — Ben Fiedler 7 months ago main
Disallow GPTBot
Use nested <span> tags
Fix chess post metadata display
Use full name on chess post for consistency
Fix color indicator in blog metadata
Add some custom things to chess games

* Chess games can now have a tournament and games can be searched per
* URLs for chess games do not contain the date (aliases for existing
  games are provided)
Fix missing word
Fix date on SMM game 1
Add second SMM game
Open the analysis board in a new tab/page
Link the FEN to a lichess analysis board
Fix some styling around tags
Add missing move
Fix pawn square
Add cool blog to webring
Post about my first chess game
layout/post: put tags on top under date
Fix formatting
2e2ffb13 — Ben Fiedler 2 years ago
Fix typo
9ffe514c — Ben Fiedler 2 years ago
Update about me