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Go bindings for gateway.threema.ch

Threema Gateway is a paid service allowing you to write messages to and receive messages from other Threema accounts using a dedicated Gateway account. For more information see the Threema.Gateway website.


The following features are supported:

  • [x] Lookup Threema IDs by phone/email
  • [x] (E2E-only) Lookup public keys by ID
  • [x] Sending text messages to Threema IDs / phone numbers / e-mail addresses
  • [x] Querying receiver capabilities
  • [x] Uploading blobs (prerequisite for sending images, videos and files)

The following features are not (yet) supported:

  • [ ] Sending images
  • [ ] Sending videos
  • [ ] Sending files
  • [ ] Receiving messages
  • [ ] Integration tests


The tcli binary provides basic gateway functionality. It is currently ran as pseudo-integration test as running real integration tests against the live gateway server costs credits (and thus money).


This project is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license.