Add sentence in execution-time post
Rewrap text in execution-time post
Set links to linux man pages in execution-time post
Modify SourceHut styling
Add execution-time post
Modify readme description
Modify Sourcehut styling
Add `difflib` module description in watch-diff post
Add watch-diff post
Add GitHub link
Display posts list as two columns
Rework some css styles
Add details about AWS profile name
Rename s3 deployment post
Add description in readme file
Add s3 sourcehut deployment post
Use languages supported by Chroma in stm32f4 post

See https://gohugo.io/content-management/syntax-highlighting/
Adjust config and baseof to use syntax file
Add css syntax file

Generated with `hugo gen chromastyles --style=trac > assets/css/syntax.css`
Add --delete option in aws s3 sync command
Skip deploy task if no tag at HEAD