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#gsheets to gforms

This script is working through google's platform, allowing to transfer data from a form to another by exporting them first to a google sheet.

For now it handles the SECTION~HEADERS~, TEXT, PARAGRAPH~TEXT~, GRID, MULTIPLE~CHOICE~ and CHECKBOX items of google forms. Also it makes assumptions about the structure of the data in the spreadsheet based on how they are exported from a google form.


It's pretty simple, given that items you need are implemented.


  1. Go to script.google.com
  2. Start a new script and paste in the editor the contents of append-respones.gs
  3. Change the urls for the sheet and form you are targeting
  4. Click run and validate the necessary permissions
  5. PROFIT???

If you need form items that are not implemented, you will get an exception. Please contact me, and depending on my schedule I might be of assistance.


Developing and sharing this script is not intended as an endorsement of google or its products. If anything, please take some time to think about the implications of the loss of privacy and computing freedom that comes together with using such products.

If you are looking for a Forms web app that is more respectful to your privacy and freedom take a look at https://framaforms.org/.

As always this software is provided as is, without any warranty or liability from my side.