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Update links with new maintainer
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M yesod-text-markdown.cabal
M yesod-text-markdown.cabal => yesod-text-markdown.cabal +3 -3
@@ 21,11 21,11 @@ description:         Use Text.Markdown in a typical yesod project.
                     it's because it doesn't show exporting of instances which
                     is most of what this package is about.

bug-reports:         https://github.com/Tarrasch/yesod-text-markdown/issues
bug-reports:         https://github.com/bsima/yesod-text-markdown/issues
license:             BSD3
license-file:        LICENSE
author:              Arash Rouhani
maintainer:          miffoljud@gmail.com
maintainer:          ben@bsima.me
-- copyright:
category:            Yesod
build-type:          Simple

@@ 46,4 46,4 @@ library

source-repository head
  type: git
  location: git://github.com/Tarrasch/yesod-text-markdown.git
  location: git://github.com/bsima/yesod-text-markdown.git