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@@ 44,6 44,13 @@ but will go live later in 2019. Written in all Haskell using
[Miso](https://haskell-miso.org/) (which is an awesome front-end framework, in
my experience).

Technology used:

- Haskell frontend and backend, JavaScript frontend
- CDN administration for comic assets
- Private and secured REST API
- PostgreSQL database

### UE Authority

2018 - 2019

@@ 58,6 65,13 @@ written in Haskell and designed to be highly concurrent, handling something like
60k-70k leads per minute. The bottlenecks ended up being the insert operation
into Amazon Redshift, and the third-party APIs.

Technology used:

- AWS infrastructure
- Haskell data pipeline backend
- MySQL and AWS Redshift
- RESTful API with Swagger docs

### Software Engineer, Liaison Technologies

2015 - 2018

@@ 69,6 83,15 @@ of data in our database. The business goal is to flexibly extract intelligible
data from customers' data banks. Everything was done in Clojure, on a private
cloud infrastructure with Docker containers as deployable microservices.

Technology used:

- Clojure and Java
- PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, ArangoDB
- Apache Kafka, Apache HBase
- REST API with Swagger integration
- event sourcing, command query responsibility segregation (CQRS)
- schema matching

### Software Engineer, Thermo Fisher


@@ 78,8 101,13 @@ Thermo Fisher's equipment. The application allowed field technicians to
collaborate on custom diagnostic tests for each instrument, connect to any
instrument on the network, run tests remotely or on-site, etc. The end product
is deployed as a Docker container onto mostly Windows machines used by Thermo
Fisher technicians. Tech stack: Typescript UI, Python backend, CouchDB
Fisher technicians.

Technology used:

- Typescript & AngularJS UI
- Python backend
- CouchDB datastore

### Software Engineer, WholeLatteLove.com

@@ 91,8 119,8 @@ managing a git workflow between in-office and remote developers, and coding new
features on both the frontend and backend.

- Designed/implemented app-wide notification system.
- Moved a legacy Rails app from a small, unreliable data center to AWS, with
  continuous integration, testing, & deployment.
- Moved a legacy Ruby on Rails app from a small, unreliable data center to AWS,
  with continuous integration, testing, & deployment.
- Updated a large Rails ecommerce engine we depend on (Spree) which required
  implementing a dozen custom extensions.
- Developed a data generator to easily replicate our production environment in