git-changes: no need for the date command
git-author-stats: cleanup and add docs
add git-my-changes script
add ff script
add notes to sendmail
0bf6b946 — Ben Sima a month ago
git-changes: don't show bot commits
e302b7e4 — Ben Sima a month ago
Add git-changes script
Calculate age automatically
Add quakes, human, and pick/drop
Add z and z-import
Reddit memes
Finish datetimes script
e0f4ca7d — Ben Sima 2 months ago
Add regex support

Unfortunately because this loops over lines, it can't do regexes with newlines
in them. Anyway in that case it's probably worth it to just use sed.
Include investment accounts in hledger-fire
Add --dry to replace script
stub datetimes script
tweak replace script
Create replace script
add install-que-client