Quotes from Marcus Aurelius (Elm SPA) http://aurelius.co
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

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Quotes from Marcus Aurelius


#Help out by adding quotes

I would love to have your help! So far, I've only transcribed my favorite quotes, but there are many more Aurelius quotes that deserve to be on this website.

Click here to easily & quickly submit a quote.

That link takes you to a form in Google Docs. I will see the entries in the form and will add the quotes in my free time.

If you know a bit of code and GitHub, you can help by adding quotes direcly to the source. The quotes are stored in data/marcus.json. The format is:

  • the document is a list of quotes
  • each quote is a JSON object
  • the "quote" field contains a list of strings. Each string is a paragraph.
  • the "book" and "section" fields are integers

To submit a quote, go to data/marcus.json and click the pencil icon (next to the "Raw Blame History" buttons). Then type out your quote in the format described above and submit a Pull Request. I will review and merge your changes as soon as I can.

If you have any questions, open an issue and I will respond ASAP.


To build the project for development, do:

make clean build && elm reactor

You'll of course need Elm installed first.