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Terminal::UI::Frame -- A border, which may have several panes


A frame is like a window frame -- it represents the border, and may have several panes within it.


  • $!focused (Terminal::UI::Pane)

    The focused pane

  • $!height (Terminal::UI::Frame::UInt)

    Number of rows, including the top and bottom borders

  • $!height-computer (Mu)

    A function to compute an array of heights of panes, given the screen height.

  • $!left (Terminal::UI::Frame::UInt)

    Offset from the left of the screen. A maximized frame has left == 1.

  • $!name (Mu)

    A name for this frame (optional)

  • $!number-of-dividers (Mu)

    Number of dividers. Will be number of panes - 1, when panes are added.

  • $!screen (Mu)

    The screen associated with the frame.

  • $!top (Terminal::UI::Frame::UInt)

    Offset from the top of the screen. A maximized frame has top == 1.

  • $!width (Terminal::UI::Frame::UInt)

    Number of columns

  • %!border (Associative)

    Characters for drawing the frame border.

  • @!dividers (Positional[Terminal::UI::Frame::UInt])

    List of rows with dividers in the frame.

  • @!panes (Positional[Terminal::UI::Pane])

    The panes for the frame.