Rename many video files with ease.
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Add an exception to handle problems in file renaming gracefully.
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First working version.



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

Note: Currently this project is in hiatus. Original exiftool can do all the renaming and more. If a feature not supported by the Exiftool is required, this project will be resurrected again.

#Video Renamer

Video Renamer is a tool to rename video files according to their meta data.


Simple. I have saved many TED Talks, and wants them to be named neatly. I still download them, hence wanted a better way to rename, since they have nice, full meta data embedded.

Also, because XKCD!

Obligatory XKCD


  • The tool requires exiftool to read actual meta data. For Debian and its derivatives, exiftool can be installed by installing the libimage-exiftool-perl package.
  • The code uses and bundles a recent (generally latest) version of smarnach's pyexiftool wrapper. See the source here.
  • The code is written to run with python3 and will not work on Python 2.x environments.