A simple password changer which can change local or LDAP password of logged in user.
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#simple-password-changer - A small GUI utility to change passwords visually

Simple password changer enables users to change their passwords without using a terminal application or a more complicated graphical utility. This tool directly talks with PAM to change a user's password regardless of the mechanism below. Tool also runs required checks before and after changing the password and informs the user about the result.


Following packages / libraries are required in order to run the program.

  • python-2.7: Since it's developed with it.
  • python-pexpect: Used to talk with passwd command with complex conversations.
  • python-gi: For the user interface.
  • python-gi-cairo: For the user interface.
  • gir1.2-gtk-3.0: For native rendering of UI.
  • Important: Tool requires en_US-utf8 locale to be installed. It doesn't have to be the default but it should be available when one runs locale -a.

#Installation steps

Tool is designed for easy installation. Just copy the files into their places.

#Before Starting

This tool relies on PAM configuration of the host system. Correct configuration of PAM is essential.

#File Locations

  • simple-password-changer: /usr/local/bin/simple-password-changer (Since it can be used by regular users and it's not installed by a package).
  • simple-password-changer.desktop: /usr/share/applications/simple-password-changer.desktop (To add the launcher to application menus).

Utility can be used after copying files. Menu update may require a logout/login.