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Nudge v0.4.0
**Release Date:** 20231024

At a Glance
This version improves interaction with the API, adds new features, fixes bugs and polishes things.

What's New
- Function crafting API calls is completely rewritten.
- Better configuration sanity checking and self-healing features implemented.
- Expiring messages have been implemented.
- Priority 2 messages can be sent successfully now.
- Correct data structures are used at everywhere now.
- Some log formatting errors are fixed.
- Documents are reformatted.

Known Issues
- Not all features provided by Pushover is supported yet.

Next Plans
- Continue implementing missing Pushover features.

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Nudge v0.3.0

This version brings Nudge to Beta level. Configuration file is stabilized for now, and inner workings are polished. Some half baked parts are removed.

What’s New

- Logging related options are removed from the configuration file, since Zap library doesn't support dynamic reconfiguration except logging level.

Known Issues

- Not all features provided by Pushover is supported yet.

Next Plans

- Starting to add missing Pushover features.

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Nudge v0.2.0

This version brings Nudge to almost beta level. The tool can be used to send notifications every day, yet its configuration file and command line interface is not stable yet.

New in this Version
- Configuration file can be overloaded via command line.
- Logging level can be configured via config file and command line.
- Startup procedure is improved. Defaults are overriden by configuration file, which are overriden by command line arguments.

Known Issues
- Logs can't be redirected to files via configuration file or command line, yet. These options are not handled in the code.
- Configuration sanity checking doesn't check everything for acceptable values.
- Not all features provided by Pushover is implemented (image attachments, HTML formatting, and possibly others)

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Merge branch 'devel' for v0.1.0 release.

v0.0.1 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Initial reveal/release version.


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