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- Log levels passed via command line are respected, but not applied immediately. If you're debugging for development, please change default options inside the code (see `applyDefaultConfiguration` function).
- You can override the location of your configuration file via command line. See `-help`. Doing this disables auto detection. Nudge will exit with an error if the file cannot be found or read.

For older changes, please refer to [changelog](https://git.sr.ht/~bayindirh/nudge/tree/master/item/RELEASE_NOTES.md).

## Building

After cloning the repository, going to `src/` folder and running `go build nudge.go` should do.

@@ 76,11 78,6 @@ Current options are as follows:
      Print version and exit.

## What's new in 0.2

- Configuration file can be overloaded via command line.
- Logging level can be configured via config file and command line.

## Known Issues

- Not all features provided by Pushover is implemented (image attachments, HTML formatting, and possibly others)

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## v0.3.0

**Release Date:** 20231017

### At a Glance

This version brings Nudge to Beta level. Configuration file is stabilized for now, and inner workings are polished. Some half baked parts are removed.