A node.js demo application to show basics of Node.js.
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#Node.js self contained demo repository.

This repository is based on my Node.js examples that I've written. This repository collects all the demos and some more to a single, self-served application.

#List of Demos

  • main.js: Runs a web server and provides event handling and path based redirection. Currently a little primitive, but works.
  • autoIndexer.js: Generates the main page of the application. Searches for js files and creates the HTML file to show.
  • events.js: Demonstrates the event structure of the Node.js.
  • multipleEvents.js: Demonstrates multiple event handlers per event.
  • syncAndAsync.js: Shows behavior of synchronized and asynchronized calls.
  • buffers.js: Show some capabilities of buffers in Node.js.


  • Demo is developed in Node's LTS version obtained from official repositories.
  • This demo uses glob by isaacs. I bundled a version in the git however, the demo is not tied to specific version. glob is used by autoIndexer to search for js files.

#Running the Demo

Running the demo is easy.

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Navigate to src directory.
  3. Start the demo with node main.js. It should start.