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#Magazine Renamer Changelog

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  • fix: Correct logging messages corrupted by overzelaous refactoring.
  • fluff: Correct a couple of variable naming issues.
  • fluff: Convert a rogue logging line to f-strings.
  • code: Bump version to 0.0.5.


  • Bump version to 0.0.4.
  • Refactor month_string_to_number function.
  • Add documentation to month_string_to_number function.
  • Refactor convert_edition_string function.
  • Add documentation to convert_edition_string function.


  • Bump version to 0.0.3.
  • Added a CHANGELOG file to repository.
  • Changed all variables to snake_case.
  • Resolved a warning by renaming a variable called file to file_to_work_on.
  • Removed unused import os.
  • Changed default logging level to WARNING.