v0.0.5 4 months ago .tar.gz browse log

This version fixes a couple of logging message corruptions happened in
first refactoring run, and polishes the code just a little bit more.

No performance or functionality changes.

v0.0.4 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Bump version string inside the code.

v0.0.3 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Under the hood changes for bigger changes.

This release contains no functional changes, but makes under the hood
changes to prepare for bigger changes and new functionality.

Detailed Changes

- Bump version to 0.0.3.
- Added a CHANGELOG file to repository.
- Changed all variables to snake_case.
- Resolved a warning by renaming a variable called file to
- Removed unused import os.
- Changed default logging level to WARNING.

v0.0.2 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Fix a bug in monthStringToNumber function.

- The function was returning 02 for December. Corrected to 12.

v0.0.1 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Update README.md file.


54b0f01a — Hakan Bayindir 4 months ago