Code examples and exercises from O'Reilly's Introducing Go book.
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#Introducing Go Book Examples

This repository contains the code I've written throughout reading the "Introducing Go" book. It follows the organization recommendation from the book itself, but the code snippets may contain extra comments and code to make things clearer.

The chapters are organized as follows:

  • Chapter 01: Getting Started
  • Chapter 02: Types
  • Chapter 03: Variables
  • Chapter 04: Control Structures
  • Chapter 05: Arrays, Slices and Maps.
  • Chapter 06: Functions
  • Chapter 07: Structs and Interfaces
  • Chapter 08: Packages

The src/extracurricular folder contains code examples which explore the language behavior, but don't follow the book. It contains the curiosities I stumbled upon during the learning journey.

There are also live notes which I take during working on these files, and language in general.

Every file under chapters are numbered, starting from 01. The order reflects the example's order in the book, in its respective chapter.