Commonly used Dockerfiles to make repetitive tasks easier.
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Commonly used Dockerfiles for making repetitive tasks easier. This repository contains the Dockerfiles to rebuild the images published on my Docker Hub profile. These files are provided for easy cloning and modification. Every folder contains a Dockerfile and required dependencies to build and run the resulting container.

#List of Dockerfiles

  • sphinx_build: A container built upon debian:stable-slim which contains Sphinx, Read the Docs theme, and required dependencies for generating the documentation. Has no entry point. One needs to call sphinx-build themselves. Run command is docker run --rm --volume <SOURCE_PATH>:/source --volume <BUILD_PATH>:/build sphinx_build:latest sphinx-build -b html /source /build.

#Fine Print

All included files are licensed with GNU/GPLv3 or later. The project uses Semantic Versioning and Conventional Commits.

This project is a part of Very Alpha Technologies ecosystem.