Started with a Commodore 64. After getting a 486, never looked back.


Pushover CLI written with Go.


Commonly used Vagrant machine definitions to easily create VMs ready for development.


Commonly used Dockerfiles to make repetitive tasks easier.


A small tool to rename IEEE magazines and more.


A list of books worth reading.


A simple tool for sending e-mails using Mailgun.


Code examples and exercises from O'Reilly's Introducing Go book.


Auto update capable COVID-19 observation dashboard for Turkey.


A node.js demo application to show basics of Node.js.


Tool to backup remote windows shares over cifs using rsync.


Tool to convert normal IP addresses to hexadecimal versions and vice versa.


A small logging library that I wrote for a project.


A simple, text based day time tracker.


Rename many video files with ease.


A simple password changer which can change local or LDAP password of logged in user.

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