~baobab/blog unlisted

This updates my omemo fingerprint.
I'm hiding my Lichess profile for now.
I made a Lichess account.
Added xmpp services to the list.
I updated my omemo fingerprint.
I fixed the frontpage and added Surfer to the list of cool websites.
I added an avatar for my sourcehut profile.
I added qorg11's website to one of the links.
Clean the main page a little more.
I updated the main page.
I added Kalli to the recommended email services.
I updated the recommended software and services list.
I added Daniel Micay's website to the list of recommended websites that I have.
I have the git link to my sr.ht project page instead of just the sr.ht git page.
I removed deprecated information from the list of recommended songs.
I fixed a typo error.
I added the agpl logo to the blog and have the logo link to this repository.
I added a snapshot of my blog.