move bandali.eu.org-specific bits of .htaccess to caffeine

here we just take care of redirecting csclub.uwaterloo.ca/~abandali/
to bandali.eu.org
add refinery-theme to #projects

also, s/git.bandali.eu.org/git.bndl.org/ for now
add .htaccess
rename feed_* to meta_feed_* and simplify wildcard function call
fix remaining issues with non-numeric slugs
update url for some assets

i will be serving these from p.bndl.org for the time being
update se212-f19 page and files
port from an SSI-based setup to one using GNU M4
moving to caffeine
small updates
LICENSE was supposed to be a symlink not a duplicate copy
remove some vestigial files
add missing license files (GPLv3+)
simplify title logic

simply set "nts" (short for No Title Suffix) when needed
use ssi for more pages
delete vestigial common/ dir with mab icons
convert the site back into hand-written html
some accumulated uncommitted changes
move 404.html to static/