remove right margin from .picture__avatar
format git commit hash link for cgit
fix the recently-broken commit address in footer

git.sr.ht's url's changed recently, when transitioning to in-house
repo browser.
don't pass apple-touch-icon through fingerprint
remove avatar height and width
add favicons param
use gitlab urls for hugo-{debugprint,search-fuse-js}

fix the white strip issue on the bottom of some of the pages
anchor the entire heading for better usability, instead of a #
automatically add anchor to h2,h3,h4 headings
prettier <hr> styling, add lastmod shortcode

note: lack of newline at the end of lastmod.html is intentional.
fix highlighting of links that have inline code in them
allow customizing the post title displayed on page
add table of contents if .WordCount > 400 and .Params.toc ≠ false
lowercase header text
slight improvement/simplification to nav menu logic

assumption: there'll always be one more item after the very last item
            of the topnav menu; i.e., the light switch.
don't hardcode menu in nav partial, get it from "topnav" menu
further break baseof down into header and footer partials
only grey out nav links, not all preamble links
add global.js for saving light status in cookie