change base url back to

i’ve decided to stick with for my main site for the time
being, and i’ll probably put to a different use
update base url
update personal/general email
update home page and colophon
TOOD: /projects page
update git links
update (file-) Local Variables for latest ox-hugo

ox-hugo-auto-export was deprecated in latest ox-hugo

update current research focus
Revert "more small colophon changes"

This reverts commit e471823da31a26603b2c93ef3928b3f322029c81.
more small colophon changes
small colophon updates
tweak punctuation
add projects page (placeholder for cgit)
Revert "update personal email"

This reverts commit a755c531548e090a30022cab79bdb0e3deaa521c.
update personal email
delete old stuff from previous version of the site
add GNU Inside badge

(shout out to mtg)
add my current and previous Hackage accounts
update publications