# Temple HTML templates for [Janet](https://janet-lang.org). Simplified version of Mendoza's template system that is cleaner and easier to use. Templates can be used recursively, and output is printed via `print`, so goes to `(dyn :out)`. Expands on the mendoza templates with the `{=` ... `-}` brackets, which do non-escaped substitution, so temple can be used for formats besides HTML. Also exposes the `escape` function inside templates for HTML escaping if you want to manually print to template output. ## Example foo.temple ``` {$ (def n 20) # Run at template compile time $} {{ (string/repeat "<>" n) # HTML escaped }} {- (string/repeat "1" n) # Not HTML escaped -} ``` main.janet ``` (import temple) (temple/add-loader) (import ./foo :as foo) (foo/render :a "hello") ```