Janet Project Manager
Add *executable* to binary built with jpm.
Address #70 - Move ldflags to always be right before lflags.
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JPM is the Janet Project Manager tool. It is for automating builds and downloading dependencies of Janet projects. This project is a port of the original jpm tool (which started as a single file script) to add more functionality, clean up code, make more portable and configurable, and refactor jpm into independent, reusable pieces that can be imported as normal Janet modules.

This also introduces parallel builds, possible MSYS support, a jpm configuration file, and more CLI options. Other improvements are planned such as parallel dependency downloading, more out of the box support for non-C toolchains and pkg-config, installation from sources besides git such as remote tarballs, zipfiles, or local directories, and more.

#Self Installation (Bootstrapping)

clone this repo, and from its directory, run

$ [sudo] janet bootstrap.janet

There are also several example config files in the configs directory, and you can use the environment variable JANET_JPM_CONFIG to use a configuration file. The config files can be either janet or jdn files. To override/set the default configuration, replace the contents of default-config.janet with a customized config file before installing. To select a configuration file to use to override the default when installing, pass in a config file argument to the bootstrap.janet script, for example:

$ [sudo] janet bootstrap.janet configs/msvc_config.janet

The bootstrapping process can also be configured by setting PREFIX to install to a different system directory. Generally, you will want to install to the same directory that Janet was installed to so jpm can find the required headers and libraries for compiling C libraries.

$ [sudo] PREFIX=/usr janet bootstrap.janet


If you aleady have an installation of jpm configured, you can update jpm with

$ [sudo] jpm install jpm

which should automatically update to the latest jpm.