Merge pull request #531 from Luoxin/v3

add `is_premium` in `User`
Merge pull request #532 from codemorego/v3-do-cancel-poll-on-bot-stop-immediately

do cancel poll immediately on bot stop
Merge pull request #535 from nicolasassi/remove-still-field-from-chat

Remove `still` field from `chat`
Merge pull request #507 from Qusic/patch-2

Fix #481: nil pointer dereference when sending video file as Document
1c40d1a5 — nicolas.sassi 1 year, 11 months ago
remove still field from chat
Merge pull request #520 from star-39/v3

Treat Sticker as Media
Merge pull request #533 from beshenkaD/v3-DeleteCommands

bot: fix DeleteCommands
bot: fix DeleteCommands
Check bot.stopClient is not nil when closing it, could happen if Stop called before or without Start.
Make Bot.debug to be aware of Bot.verbose flag to be less spammy
especially with sensible error messages during polling failures which
contains bot's token.
Cancel Raw() call immediately without waiting for the request's timeout when bot is about to stop.
This may become important if doing long polling with long timeout.
b0ccf622 — 落心 2 years ago
6134fc23 — Qusic 2 years ago
send video as document
4609e626 — demget 2 years ago
Merge pull request #528 from Xarakiri/v3-fix-typo

fix: typo
968ccec6 — Xarakiri 2 years ago
fix: typo
173d940a — star-39 2 years ago
Treat Sticker as Media
4b2f8743 — demget 2 years ago
Merge pull request #498 from hararudoka/patch-1

fix a typo in layout.go
a4d61d0e — hararudoka 2 years ago
fix a typo in layout.go
dd790ca6 — Ian P Badtrousers 2 years ago
README: getting rid of past import path artifacts
3ae6ec85 — demget 2 years ago
readme: fix Group example