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You can get latitude and longitude value from online services, such as mapcoordinates.


The methods in subsection are the similar methods. Available methods are:

  • Karachi: University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi (UISK). Fajr angle: 18.0, Isha angle: 18.0
    • Ministry of Religious Affaires, Tunisia
    • France - Angle 18°
  • MuslimWorldLeague: Muslim World League (MWL). Fajr angle: 18.0, Isha angle: 17.0
    • Ministry of Religious Affaires and Awqaf, Algeria
    • Presidency of Religious Affairs, Turkey
  • Egyptian: Egyptian General Authority of Survey (EGAS): 19.5, Isha angle: 17.5
  • UmmAlQura: Umm al-Qura University, Makkah (UMU). Fajr angle: 18.5, Isha interval: 90
  • NorthAmerica: Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Fajr angle: 15.0, Isha angle: 15.0
    • France - Angle 15°
  • French: French Muslims (ex-UOIF). Fajr angle: 12.0, Isha angle: 12.0
  • Singapore: Islamic Religious Council of Signapore (MUIS). Fajr angle: 20.0, Isha angle: 18.0
    • Department of Islamic Advancements of Malaysia (JAKIM)
    • Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia (KEMENAG)
  • Russia: Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Russia. Fajr angle: 16.0, Isha angle: 15.0
  • FixedInterval: Fixed Ishaa Time Interval, 90min. Fajr angle: 19.5, Isha interval: 90 (ramdan: 120)


This settings corresponds to Asr prayer time. For Hanafi madhab, the Asr is bit later than that of the Shafi madhab.

  • Shafi: Earlier Asr time
  • Hanafi: Later Asr time