docs: add release steps
build: binary needs Cargo.lock
refactor: migrate to our own islam library

I have difficulties working with `insha/salah`.
`abougouffa/pyIslam` instead more precise and has simpler algorithm.
build: bump version to v0.1.5
build: add warning to update related release file
docs: update changelog
build: bump version to v0.1.4
buid: fix wrong file name
Merge branch 'ragib-patch'
docs: add Py3status config example
4a580248 — Muhammad Ragib Hasin 1 year, 20 days ago
chore: use RagibHasin/salah-rs@uptosnuff
docs: update cotribution how-to
docs: host its own demo
docs: add windows config location
refactor: pass only one config to `get_prayers_time`
docs: update docs

- add features
- fix typos
- rephrase some word
docs: update `bilal` description
docs: add i3status-rs demo
build: bump version to v0.1.3