build: bump version to v0.1.3
docs: add more explanation to help arguments
feat: add icon to make it easier to differentiate
build: bump version to v0.1.2
docs: add release doc
build: add release script
build: change dependency branch name
docs: add `madhab` and `method` documentation
feat: support `madhab` and `method` in configuration
refactor: avoid using implicit import

Easier to read/maintenance in the future.
feat: support windows-pc config location

Initial support for windows-pc
build: change upstream to my own patch

Fixes wrong time on fajr and sunrise.
feat: make config handling more robust
build: bump version to v0.1.1
fix: don't supply any key if it's normal

`Info` still gives a color in status bar.
docs: fix directory name
fix: don't hard-code clap version
build: initial build config
docs: initial docs
refactor: clean up duplication