build: bump version to v0.1.1
fix: don't supply any key if it's normal

`Info` still gives a color in status bar.
docs: fix directory name
fix: don't hard-code clap version
build: initial build config
docs: initial docs
refactor: clean up duplication
feat: support json output

To integrate with i3status-rs
refactor: use `prayer` instead of `salah` in internal code
feat: print salah in red if remaining time is low
feat: use color in help
style: cargo fmt
docs: update release page
docs: add LICENSE
fix: use shorter output

Because mostly it will be used with other tools. Such as i3status-rs.
feat: show help if no argument supplied
build: make build artifact smaller
build: ingore uninteresting file
fix: display remaining time instead of exact time of current salah