docs: add missing link in public inbox
docs: update contributing
fix: wrong critical state

The app only check for the remaining time.
So it will says `critical` even the hour > 0.
fix: leading zero in minute not shown

Use `strftime` instead of plain `string format`.
fix: wrong remaining time

The hour doesn't shown even if it's `not equal to 0`.
docs: update demo

Cut the end of gif
refactor: clippy
build: remove unused dependencies
fix: remove `chrono` dependency

Now it's included as module in `islam`
refactor: don't use glob import for `chrono`

Just for readability.
fix: salah now uses shorter module name
refactor: refactor
docs: add development installation
fix: state must be present
fix: use salah as an argument instead of an option

Using salah as an argument is somewhat wrong
docs: add release steps
build: binary needs Cargo.lock